Medellin Gentlemen Groomers are a hight end barbershop. The clean-cut look and styles from the 50’s and 60’s to 80’s and 90’s were more than just a simple haircut – it was an experience.

Today’s modern salons and chain barbershops are geared to do volumes and forego the need for a personal experience, which can be ignited by simple complimentary beverage, or even just enjoying “small talk” – we have created a sanctuary for men and a place where they can go to experience the old-school barbershop, leaving them more confident than ever.

Medellin Gentlemen Groomers is a traditional barbershop with a modern twist. We continually stay “in the know” of the latest in men’s styles, combined with using our skills, to offer some of today’s hottest styles. It’s all about making our clients feel invigorated and refreshed, while catering to your needs.

Some of the services we offer include brow, ear and nose grooming, shampoo and conditioning, scalp massages, hot lather shaves, and of course, “High End” barbering and grooming services. We deliver and unforgettable experience, delivered to you by extraordinary barbers in a truly thought provoking environment, topping it off by allowing free use of the latest designer colognes ensuring you look and smell you best!

Whether you are on a family trip, business meeting or just before your date, let us cut you into shape, with out latest technology, you won’t experience the discomfort of loose hair, our cuts include vacuum capes, that suck up all loose hair, leaving you free of any evidence.