“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”
(Auguste Escoffier)

A sentiment fully endorsed by his lifelong disciple, the innovative Old Ducky, Freda Appelbaum (Honour awarded 2004). Freda has won the admiration of European Royalty, International Statesmen, Hollywood actors etc. She has come out of retirement to oversee our kitchen which is staffed by her beloved senior award winning chefs. Despite the accolades and awards Freda has never sat on her laurels. Rather her laurels are simply put into the cooking pot with other herbs!
Marina Appelbaum was born into restaurants and has very happily chosen to ‘live in’ and own them. She is renowned for her long standing experience, natural talent and gracious hospitality. Her early experience as the assistant to the manager of the renowned 5 star Ritz Hotel in Mayfair, London, has proven invaluable. She learnt very early on that excellence matters.
Clearly the young ducky will oversee the restaurant while the old ducky will dominate from the kitchen wings, thereby ensuring that guests are made to feel welcome, and able to nestle happily in the environs of The Old Ducky French Café.